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Archers, UAE

Bombe - Ethiopia (250g)

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Grown and harvested at Bombe, Sidama, Ethiopia, a place known for its rich vegetation and climate. Sourced from nearby farmers. Processing Station: Abore Station - Founded on 2017 - This year opened on (Oct 27).

Well known by the locals, the Bombe Village is named after a bridge dedicated to a local chief that features a fountain next to the site and bridge. Daye Bensa was established in 2006 by two brothers called Asefa & Mulugeta Dukamo who have been working as coffee suppliers from Sidama region. Since its establishment the company has shown a progress in size, volume and in quality by attracting potential coffee buyers from across the globe. 

  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Process: Natural 
  • Variety: 74110 / 74112
  • Tasting Notes: Mandarine, apricot, strawberry, caramel