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Tutti Frutti Ananas

Jujube 2019 - Grenache Blanc

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This comes from a collaboration of a few friends (who also happen to be some of the leading winemakers in the south of France) come together to make the kind of wines that they like to drink by the Mediterranean in Banyuls-de-Mer. The wines are made across a range of vineyards, by the sea and in the mountains, then vinified in Les 9 Caves, a cooperative cellar that they share in an old garage in the centre of town. The wines are fermented in concrete vats and bottled young, brimming with life. This Garganega gets a couple of days on the skins, is waxy, full of orange peel and floral notes.

  • Producer: Tutti Frutti Ananas
  • Grape: Grenache Blanc
  • Origin: Banyuls, France
  • Year: 2019